Auckland Architecture Photographer + Videographer
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Architecture Photography + Videography


“Photographing architecture is all about organising visual information.” - Christopher Barrett


I create images and films of architecture, interiors and the built environment. Whether a project is residential, commercial, or civic, my goal is to instil a sense of time, place, and identity into every image.

Through a rare eye condition, I see the world as a barrage of cluttered shapes and patterns. I use my camera as a tool to organise these patterns; creating images with a minimalistic style.





I offer architectural photography, interior photography, and videography to a diverse client base, including architects, designers and suppliers to document projects nationwide.

I’m inspired by designs with a striking form, strong cultural identity, and vibrant colours - from Kanazawa’s serene garden spaces to Nevada’s sharp cliffside structures. 



Based in Auckland, I’m available for projects and assignments throughout New Zealand. 


Recent projects

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