Bayleys Realty Group, Auckland

Bayleys Realty Group recently moved their head office into Bayleys House, their new home on Gaunt Street.

The morning of the move in, with the space finally complete, we were asked to come in before any of the team arrived and capture their new space, from the building itself to the spectacular interior. With perfectly clean work areas, and every space untouched, it was the perfect time to get it looking its best.

Sampford Cathie-78.jpg
Sampford Cathie-74.jpg
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Sampford Cathie-76.jpg
Sampford Cathie-84.jpg
Sampford Cathie-80.jpg
Sampford Cathie-79.jpg
Sampford Cathie-82.jpg
Architecture 09.jpg
Sampford Cathie-83.jpg