Team Portraits with a Twist

We always love when we get to something a little bit different, and this portrait session was definitely a new one for both of us.

When we were approached by KFI to do their new team portraits, they told us they wanted to do something creative and different for their new website.

After a bit of brainstorming, Sam suggested two portraits of each person. One black and white professional headshot, and one portrait in colour showcasing something each person is passionate about outside of work. This helps convey who they are as people to the client, not just show what they look like.

They loved the idea, and it went beyond our initial imagining when people turned up on the day of the shoot with full shoe collections, diving gear, and drum kits.

It not only worked out great for the website, it also encouraged the team to get excited about getting their portraits done, something that many people get self conscious about.

Check out a few of our favourites below!

Sampford Cathie-48.jpg
Sampford Cathie-73.jpg
Sampford Cathie-72.jpg
Sampford Cathie-56.jpg
Sampford Cathie-64.jpg
Sampford Cathie-62.jpg
Sampford Cathie-63.jpg