Auckland Architecture Photographer + Videographer
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lights, camera, patience.


My role is to deconstruct a space into the shapes, textures and colours that give it a sense of identity, place, and culture.

Joined by my second-shooter Charlotte Turner, we are a team of two like-minded photographers that share an interest in architectural design, film photography, cinematography, and portraiture.

My goal is to capture images and videos with the same degree of innovation, understanding and creativity as my clients strive for in their own work.



Sampford Cathie

Sampford Cathie - Photographer + Videographer

Sam is a keen and driven photographer and videographer. His eye for storytelling in both his films and photos comes from an early background of film making and experimenting with photographic techniques.

Sam has an interesting eye condition called Keratoconus, slightly distorting his eyesight, which lends to his unique and minimalistic photographic style.

He discovered his passion for commercial photography whilst completing a BSc in Logic & Computation at the University of Auckland in 2012.

When he isn’t shooting, Sam enjoys playing guitar and working towards his next belt in Seido Karate.


Charlotte Turner and Sampford Cathie

Charlotte Turner - Second-Shooter & Editor

Charlotte first started working with Sam whilst running the University of Auckland’s Photographic Society. As a portrait and lifestyle photographer, there was a lot to learn initially about the world of architecture and video, but she quickly grew to love it. 

Her day-to-day includes making Sam update his instagram, keeping everything on track, and generally helping bring the creative vision to life, whether through shooting, or editing projects. 

Outside of work, you’ll often find her carrying her film camera around when going out for a coffee, or going for a run in the park. 


Combining our love for architecture and design with our technical know-how, we take the time to fine-tune the small details, to find the right music track, and to craft the best possible results.

Our clients believe in giving every project the focus and patience that it deserves, and we’re in the business of building lasting relationships with people that share our goal of making every space look outstanding.


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